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Design process using CAD/CAM

AdLaser maintains a skilled in-house team of trained CAD/CAM users to provide our draughting services. These team members work on initial CAD designs and alterations of your parts or components ahead of production. As a result, Adlaser is able to advise you on how to create the optimal product design to suit laser cutting technology.

With our CAD service, you will be guaranteeing that your project maximises the resources available and that results are delivered with the greatest speed. You don’t even need an existing CAD design to work with our team. In the absence of a drawing, Adlaser can reverse engineer your parts with astonishing accuracy.

CAD software is superior to manual draughting because it allows for the design of more complex parts. Multiple iterations of a design can be created in seconds, giving our users the freedom to test out ideas without time constraints. Experimentation is a critical activity within the design process because it allows for initial troubleshooting to highlight any issues ahead of production.

Understanding how to use CAD software in the context of laser cutting is something that your project will need. A CAD user who specialises in working in other fields will not understand the intricacies of how laser cutters and press brakes work. Only a user with this specific expertise will be able to adjust your designs to align best with the capabilities of the machinery.

Beyond the design stage, Computer-aided manufacturing enables Adlaser’s operators to maintain exact control of their machinery at every stage of the production process. CAM software will mean the difference between having a final product that exceeds your expectations and one that will fall short.

CAM software is so effective because it allows for parts to be crafted without being impacted by what is going on in the rest of the facility. Your product will receive the full attention of the machinery. By computerising the entire production process, this enables Adlaser to create superior products with incredible efficiency.

Fiber laser cutting

Our Bystronic 6kw fibre laser is the newest type of laser cutting, it ensures complete accuracy combined with high speed cutting.

The advantages of fibre optic laser cutting are incredible accuracy, combined with cutting speeds unseen up until a couple of years ago, as well as making us very competitive. It also means that parts do not suffer from heat distortion, this is due in part to the speed the laser head is travelling, and also due to the gases we use to aid the cutting process.

The different shapes we can cut are only limited by what you can draw. We are able to work from AutoCAD drawings, Adobe PDFs, hand drawn sketches, templates, scanned drawings or photographs and custom designs.

Large sheets of flat metal can be cut with remarkable precision and in astonishing turnaround times. Adlaser’s state-of-the-art laser cutter transverses effortlessly around metal sheets, cutting sections that adhere to a programmed design. The end result is a creation that will deliver to your exact specifications.

You will find that our 6kW laser is extremely efficient for cutting different types of metal sheets. The sheer speed and accuracy of our laser cutting machine will ensure that your laser profiling needs are met rapidly when cutting flat sheets of metal.

With our large flatbed laser cutting capacity, we’re able to handle small or large batch sizes, cutting profiles to your exact specifications on a range of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper.

Laser cutting sheet is cheaper, faster and more repeatable than other cutting and profiling methods, it is also suitable for both one off and large production runs.

Laser cutting removes the need for multiple operations. Traditional cutting methods such as slotting, punching, mitre cutting and drilling can be combined in a single process which instantly reduces your manufacturing costs and lead time.

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Pressbrake and precision folding

A press brake allows for the bending of sheet metals.

In the absence of an existing drawing, our in-house design team will work with you to produce a CAD/CAM design that works with our manufacturing processes to give you the required finished item.

Our press brake works in tandem with our laser when folding is required.

With the help of Adlaser, you can cut out unnecessary suppliers from your budget to save your business money and also increase the speed of delivery.

Powder coating and finishing

We supply a quality finish to our customers’ projects. Our work is always carried out to the highest standard in all aspects. We endeavour to provide a friendly efficient service to ensure that our work is completed within the timescales quoted.

Complete customer satisfaction is our prime objective.

We offer competitive prices for high standards of workmanship and we do not compromise on quality.


We have a large powder coating facility. Our oven enables us to powder coat items up to 5 meters in length, 3 meters in width and 2.2 meters in height.


We carry out a variety of Wet Spraying applications ranging from a zinc primed finish to a high end 2k finish.

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