Frequently Asked Questions

Adlaser will provide accurate lead times within their quotation and, provided the subsequent order mirrors the quotation, this lead time will be met.

Machine suppliers quote plus or minus 0.1mm but this may vary with thickness and the length of the material being cut.

Our 6kW laser is extremely efficient for cutting different types of metal sheets – please see our cutting capability below:

 Steel  25mm
 Stainless Steel  30mm
 Aluminium  30mm
 Brass  15mm
 Copper  10mm

Wherever possible we try to avoid a minimum order charge but for further clarification please send us your laser cutting enquiry and our sales team will advise you.

Laser cutting works by having a high-powered, highly-focused laser beam run through a material, leaving a clean cut with a smooth finish. This laser beam can be either pulsed, meaning the cut is delivered in pulses of laser, or continuous wave, meaning the laser beam is kept focused on the material until the cut is delivered.

Laser cutting starts by piercing the material with a hole, and then continues the cut from there. The laser cutting beam intensity, length and heat output can be controlled, allowing the cut to be delivered in different ways and in different times.

Laser cutting offers a huge number of advantages to its users:

  • Laser cutting allows for greater control over beam intensity, length and heat output
  • Laser cutting uses an extremely low level of power consumption, typically around 10Kw as compared to 50Kw used by other processes
  • Laser cutting can work with a huge range of materials
  • Laser cutting is a non-contact process, meaning that the laser beam itself never actually touches the material it works with. This reduces heat damage to the surrounding area, which increases productivity by decreasing downtime and repair costs
  • Laser cutting delivers precise cuts with smooth finishes
  • Laser cutting can switch quickly between multiple applications and setups, reducing time wastage and the need for multiple machines

With the above advantages, it is easy to see why laser cutting is becoming so widely used.

No, and this is one of the greatest advantages of laser cutting. As it is a non-contact process and uses a beam that is highly precise on the area it is being focused upon, heat damage is minimal to the surrounding area of the material.

Generally we offer a 3-5 working day lead time but this often can be reduced subject to specification.

We can provide a quotation from existing CAD files such as DXF, DWG or IGS. Our CAD specialists can also use PDF files, sketches or existing components.

Yes, we can fold parts up to three metres long using one of our CNC press brakes. We have a wide range of existing tooling but should you require specialist folding we can also purchase new tooling, the cost of which can be amortised across the piece part price. For further information visit our Press Brake section.

Yes, we have an in-house powder coating facility.

If you have any other questions why not call us today on 01489 660123 or email