Our Process

Adlaser are excited to offer our laser cutting service.

We have an experienced dedicated team of operatives with a streamlined process in place so that each department works together in a cost effective and efficient manner bringing benefits to both Adlaser and the customer.

Here, we walk you through every step of the process from initial contact with the client through to final delivery.

The Enquiry

The whole process starts with the initial customer enquiry. We receive requests for a quotation based on the clients’ unique designs. This can be anything from a simple sketch or PDF to DXF/DWG or NC1 files.

This process ensures that the customer gets his exact requirements within a fast lead time. They will discuss the customer’s best options based on the material they want their components made from, whether the parts are flat or flat and fold, the volume, the turnaround.

The Quote

Once all the information is gathered, our sales estimator can put together a quote.

The sales estimator will also consider any additional services that might be needed, for example press braking and any finishing operations, before finalising the quote and entering it onto our system.

Once we have received an order, we check the order against our quotation and create an order acknowledgement which is sent to the client advising a job reference number and a delivery date.

The Design

Clients’ original drawings supplied on AutoCAD files (DXF/DWG) can be prepared for the production process in a matter of minutes whereas other formats, such as JPGs or PDFs, may need to be reverse engineered to ensure the design is programmed accurately. This is carried out by our skilled CAD/CAM engineers

Once the part has been approved for production, it is ready for nesting. Our software determines the most intelligent cutting sequence to optimise the use of materials, maximise machine efficiency and reduce wastage.

If the part is required to have folding, we will use our Bistronic Press Brake software, which enables us to produce a flat development blank from a 2D orthographic drawing or a 3D model.

That is then included in the ‘job pack’ which will include the offline programmed profile together with the order confirmation, drawings and a job cover sheet with customer and job information, ready to go to the shop floor press brake operator.

The Cutting

A comprehensive set of work instructions is sent to our machine operators for the cutting to begin. Information on everything from the material sheet size, its grade and material batch number, the assist gas to be used and the machine to be cut on is included.

Our operator is now able to select the specified material and load it onto the laser bed, choose the appropriate cutting program, parameters and nozzle and begin the laser cutting magic!

Before the first cut is made, the laser head scans the edges of the plate to make sure it’s properly aligned to prevent any over or under cutting of the parts.

Once calibrated, the machine can get to work and make the initial cut, which is then immediately assessed by our operative. The operator checks the cut quality measures is up to Adlaser standards and is within machine and material tolerances. Only once satisfied, can it be signed off. If not, the cutting process starts again.

Depending on the size of the plate and the number of parts being cut, the operator may also perform and sign off on an intermediary quality check.

When the cutting plan is completed and the final check has been passed, the nest is entered and updated into our live system to ensure the status of the order is kept up to date and to let production and sales know where the job is in the system and allow the next stage of the job to be prepared for.

The parts are unloaded onto a pallet or bag and taken through to the appropriate area. This might involve being passed on to secondary operations and one of our press brake operators, the sub-contract area or straight through to dispatch ready to be sent out to the client.

The Dispatch

Our dispatch team cross check all the parts against the client order, package them up and place them on a pallet. A delivery note will be raised and attached, along with test certification if required, before the pallet is prepared for collection or delivery in the appropriate dispatch area.

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